Pottery Lessons



Fun Occasions with Clay

Birthdays, BYOB groups, 9th Anniversary (Hallmark trad. Pottery)

Use of studio tools, clay, glaze and firing of finished work are included in price.

Credit card fee and sales tax are also included.

Materials for larger or specific projects will be charged as needed. Lesson Packages.

Can be purchased as gift certificates from the gallery or online through the scheduling link.

Lessons can be scheduled by the hour

Tues thru Fri, 10am to 5pm. ,Wed,Thu evening,6,7pm

Sat, 10am to 4pm

I donate some of my time to our local 4H club, teaching pottery to local kids who may not normally afford the opportunity of pottery lessons. Materials and cost of firing pottery is not cheap. If you would like to help support these kids and allow them this unique experience,


                                                 thank you

email - keith.firehousepotteryu@gmail.com

ph 682-560-3467

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Tues,Wed, Thu, Fri, 10am to 6pm

Sat, 10am to 4pm

The Gallery has extended hours when studio is open.

Look for the OPEN sign or call for appointment

Turn, turn, my wheel!

Turn round and round

Without a pause, without a sound:

  So spins the flying world away!

This clay, well mixed with marl and sand,

Follows the motion of my hand;

Far some must follow,

and some command,

  Though all are made of clay!


Lessons are structured to the individuals interest and can cover a wide range of techniques, including the wheel, hand building, slab building, extruding, slip casting, surface decoration and glazing.

An introductory 2 lessons is the ideal way to enjoy the creative experience on the potters wheel.

Make up to 3 small pieces in 1 lesson and return for a second lesson to glaze your pottery. The initial processing and firing  time between these 2 lessons is a minimum of 2 weeks. This should be accounted for when scheduling your 2 lessons.

You can then purchase larger lesson blocks at a slightly reduced rate. The scheduling of these lessons can be slightly different and flexible according to the projects you would like to work on. Feel free to call or stop by the studio for more details.

Come with a friend or celebrate a special occasion with a partner and make a unique piece of clay art.

BYOB (Adults) welcome  for a fun evening with clay.

No commitment to long expensive sessions.

Try it once, try it twice, its up to you. All group lessons are priced according to qty of lessons and size of group. Times and materials  vary per group so please call Firehouse.



Group lessons

Private Lessons

Firehouse Pottery is often seen on the road at Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth. Visitors to the brewery can personalize a hand made Firehouse beer mug ($14-$20) while tasting their favorite beer. The mugs are then fired and ready to pick up in a few days, an ideal gift for yourself or a friend. Join our mailing list or Facebook page for upcoming dates. You can also arrange to come in to The Firehouse and glaze a variety of hand made pottery items.

East Fort Worth

4H pottery club

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full version of poem

‘I have been teaching pottery for over 20 years. Both kids and adults benefit much more from the private sessions I offer.You can relax, have fun and have much more success with individual instruction.’

Keith Thomson - instructor


10/9/12 17:58

Fort Worth

This was my first time to try my hand at the wheel.

Keith is an excellent teacher and very patient. I had allot of fun. It was well worth the price. The Firehouse Gallery is an interesting venue for pottery classes.


ceramic |səˈramik|


made of clay and hardened by heat:

  1. of or relating to the manufacture of such articles

  2. noun (ceramics)

  3. pots and other articles made from clay hardened by heat: handmade pottery and imaginative artworks

  4. • [ usu. treated as sing. ] the art of making such articles: sculpting, wheel thrown, molding.

  5. • (ceramic) the material from which such articles are made.

  6. • (ceramic) any nonmetallic solid that remains hard when heated.

  7. (ceramist). one who makes ceramic products or works of art