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Andrea Brashier is a healthcare professional by day, and a ceramic artist by night. She formally began her journey in ceramics during her last semester of college as an art minor at Baylor University in 2008. Cursing the skies that she had discovered her passion for clay so late in her college career, she enrolled in community clay classes in Plano and Dallas after college, most recently at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. She now practices independently and shares studio space with another ceramic artist in East Dallas.

Andrea created her first Holey Bowl in 2009 after studying the works of her late grandmother, Billie Capri, who discovered her artistic talents later in life.  After raising five children over the span of three decades, Billie took art classes at Brookhaven College in North Dallas in the late 1970s to de-stress. For Billie’s white bowl , she used an upside-down hump mold and layered varying clay shapes onto it to create a bowl form. She used a wipe-off glazing method to highlight the contours, and fired via raku. While it may look simple, this is a very involved technique.

Andrea now channels this same energy in her creative process, balancing her need to decompress through creative channels while sharpening her technique. Mastery has not come without hardship- Andrea’s first collapsed Holey Bowl did not come without tears. Over time, she was able to tweak all of the variables and produce a consistent, geometrically sound yet organic, versatile, and functional home décor piece suitable for any home. Andrea has spent the majority of 2014 and 2015 creating Holey Bowls for friends’ wedding gifts. This is her first solo show.

All of the Holey Bowls in this collection are made of Trinity Ceramic Supply’s speckled buff clay, which is high fired to cone 6 and is embedded with tiny iron flecks. Glazes range from matte to glossy and are all food safe. Andrea’s Holey Bowls make great fruit bowls, sponge dishes, or are pretty on their own as a centerpiece. While the bowls are dishwasher safe, the artist recommends hand washing to avoid wear and tear.

Please contact Andrea directly if you are interested in a commission piece. Please note that the artist does work a full-time day job, so Holey Bowls take about a month at minimum to create. Contact information is below:

Artist Thanks

I would like to thank first and foremost Keith Thomson at Firehouse Pottery and Gallery for seeing something in my work and making this show possible. Thanks also to my parents, Steve and Lisa Brashier, for being my loudest cheerleaders and allowing me to nurture my creative needs early in my life. Thank you to my teachers Misty Foster, Brian Harper, Lucrecia Waggoner, and of course my grandmother Billie Capri for stretching and challenging me. You have taught me more than you ever intended. Special thanks to my instructor and dear friend, Jo Clay, for supporting me through this and all of my projects and for your friendship. Lastly, thank you to my boyfriend, Stewart Jameson, for putting up with my late nights at the studio and for encouraging me to pursue my passion. I am truly lucky to have such strong supports in my life.

Andrea Brashier

East Dallas Ceramic Artist


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