building history

 Meadowbrook Street view 2014


As the population of East Fort Worth increased rapidly during the 1920s, the need for additional fire stations arose. The city purchased this lot in 1927, and they constructed the fire station in 1928 with the station opening September 1st
















Fire house #20

Designer.Wiley G. Clarkson

Clarkson designed many of Fort Worth's finest public school buildings in addition to being a popular residential architect.


Building Contractor

Beall and Lewis

Station 20 looks more like a house than a fire station as Clarkson thoughtfully designed the building to blend unobtrusively into the surrounding suburban community.

A bungalow style building, Station 20 has an off-set gabled portico supported by thick stuccoed columns.

The building's gables have Tudor half-timbering and small windows. In the mid to late 1970s, the fire department out grew its location as fire trucks got bigger and moved to a new location. The building then became a wedding chapel and then a photographic portrait studio, before opening as an art gallery in 2003. In 2012, the art gallery changed it’s focus, becoming a pottery studio.

The Firehouse now provides a venue for local clay artists to sell their clay art work as well as a studio for teaching pottery lessons. At some time, we hope to restore the brown brick and garage door, where the firetruck was parked.

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