Please NOTE

The Firehouse is a unique and intimate studio where you can relax and enjoy the experience of the potters wheel for the first time,with expert instruction in private, with friends or a partner.
Children (due to wheel size and the physicality of working the potters wheel,ideal age is 8 or older.This is not a restrictive age, the potters wheel is a tremendous tactile experience for any age but just requires much more hands on help from the instructor)

Introductory Private Lessons

Typically a 1.5 hour private lesson for a beginner will allow you to create 2 very nice bowls or small vase forms.This price includes

all materials and your follow up glazing lesson.Your glaze lesson is also about 90min and allows for creative application and your choice, from a wide variety of glaze colors and characteristics. 

$110 - 1 Person.

bring a friend or family member, also great for a date night.

$135 - 2 people.

only $30 per additional person.For any group of 4 people or more contact studio first for availability and pricing

Continuing Private Lessons

Also for beginners or for those wishing to advance their creativity and wheel skills.A six lesson block includes a little ($$ Savings).

Allowing you 3x1hr wheel lessons and 3x1hr glaze lessons.You are free to schedule these lessons any day or time at your convenience, with consultation to allow the proper time for your pottery to dry and kiln firing.

$270 - 1 Person. (6 lessons)

bring a friend or family member, also great for a date night.

$330 - 2 people. (6 lessons)

pricing for additional persons upon request.

lesson Times 

Wednesday -  hourly appointments, between 10am and 8pm

Thursday  -  hourly appointments, between 10am and 5pm

Saturday -   hourly appointments, between 10am and 5pm

Hope to add Sunday hours in 2020

open studio

Rent wheel time. $12/Hour - Tuesday thru Friday, between 10am and 5pm.

For those people who want some independent time to work on developing wheel skills. Tools and clay are provided. Individual requirements can be arranged b before or during your first visit.

We use and provide a Cone 6 speckled buff clay.If you wish to use your bring your own clay,you are welcome.

Provide your own glazes if you wish to glaze your work.

Materials and Firing charges

Cone 6 speckled buff - de aired and ready to use, 80c per pound

single piece firing rate for (bisque $1 per#) (glaze $1.25 per#)

ONLINE booking available or - CALL for details Keith ph(682)560 3467