Currently fully booked

I'm actively seeking a second instructor to replace the one I lost earlier this year,

so hopefully can expand my availability in the new year.

Approaching the holiday season, availability is reduced, as custom orders increase and more of my time is required towards production.

A promotional discount Gift card offer

will be available as part of National Shop Small Day, Sat 28th (One Day Only)

as a Thankyou for your patience.

these Gift Cards can be used for lessons starting in the new year.

The Firehouse is a unique and intimate studio, where you can relax and enjoy the experience of the potters wheel for the first time, with expert instruction, with a friend, family member or partner.
Your introductory pottery lesson experience is a 2 part process.
1.  An hour of private instruction allows you to create 2 pieces on the pottery wheel.
2. Those pieces must be dried and bisque fired through the kiln one time. Approx 2 weeks after your wheel lesson you will schedule to come in and creatively glaze your pieces, also about a 1 hour lesson.
Followed by a second kiln firing, your finished pieces will be ready to pick up in about a week.
Continuing lessons
After your introductory lesson, you can purchase a 6 lesson block at a slightly discounted rate,
allowing you to advance your creative skills. 


Introductory Pricing

These pricing links will be turned back on when online scheduling and availability become available starting early Jan 2021.

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