Keith Thomson :  born Edinburgh, Scotland.

Education: Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. 1984-1988. Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem.

Degree: Art & Design with Honors ( Ceramics and Glass)


Royal Mile Pottery, Edinburgh,Scotland. Self employed studio potter, 1988-1992.
Timber Ridge summer camp, Highview West Virginia. Director of ceramics. 1988-1991.
McQueeney Pottery, McQueeney TX. Production potter/ manager 1992-1997.                                                 Firehouse Pottery & Gallery,Fort Worth,TX. Gallery Director / Ceramic Artist / Instructor 2004 - current

Turn, turn, my wheel! 
Turn round and round
Without a pause, without a sound:
So spins the flying world away!
This clay, well mixed with marl and sand,
Follows the motion of my hand;
Far some must follow, 
 and some command,
  Though all are made of clay!

The first time I touched clay at art school,
I was drawn to its unlimited potential
of design and work ability in realizing my creative ideas.

Clay from the earth, water, air and fire are the essential elements which must be harmonized to create a ceramic form. Whether it is a functional bowl, made on the wheel, an abstract sculpture using extrusions, hand built with slabs or cast in a mold, all the basic elements are the same.

The clay needs water to make it workable, air for drying and fire to make it permanent. After that the limitations are only out with your creative imagination.

My studio is always open. You can come watch me work or get your hands in some clay. Experienced or beginner, young or old, anyone can come to The Firehouse Pottery and experience the creative and magical powers of clay.

A:   4147 Meadowbrook drive

Fort Worth, TX 76103

T:   682-560-3467



Tues :  9am - 5pm

Wed, Thu : 9am-6pm

Fri     : 9am-5pm

SATURDAY:   9am - 5pm



Proud to be 100% hand crafted in Fort Worth, Texas.

We are located on the East Side, in a historically recognized, former fire station, built in 1927.

Over 35 years of experience as a potter, ceramic artist and instructor.


We are now reopen for studio visitation and the Gallery is open for retail.

We are hoping to restart lesson scheduling as soon

as we can, depending on evolving City and State guidelines

related to such a hands on activity of teaching pottery.

I really don't want to start lessons all in masks and teaching from 8' away.

At that time priority will be given to those who had lessons cancelled pre lockdown.

This may lead to a longer than normal wait time for all new lessons

So we appreciate you patience

Glaze at Home

A fun crafty pottery project to do at home while our lessons are in lockdown



Tues : 10:00am to 5:00pm

Wed  :  10:00am to 5:00pm

Thu  :  10:00am to 5:00pm

Fri     :  10:00am to 5:00pm

SAT  :  10:00am to 2:00pm


A:   4147 Meadowbrook drive

Fort Worth, TX 76103

T:   682-560-3467


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