Glaze at Home Pottery

During this difficult time of business and social lockdown.

Here's a Fun and creative activity to do at home (suitable for adults and kids).

One big difference with these pottery glazing items compared to any other retail PYOP stores is that these pieces are 100% hand made on the pottery wheel, right here at The Firehouse,by my own hand.

There will be a lesser priced option of precast pieces as an economy$ option


So THANKS for supporting local.

Keith (Owner/Potter)

1.  Purchase items of your choice.

    Item $ includes 2nd glaze kiln firing.

2. Each item also has a separate $ option for 2 or 4 colors.

    You will get the appropriate amount for item size.

3. Purchase brush kit or use your own.

4. Full instruction sheet provided, you can always call me anytime for help.

5. Safe Curbside pickup.

6. Drop off, back at The Firehouse and we will kiln fire, 

    ready to pick up in just a few days.

7. Shipping if required is calculated and charged separately.

    Contact us for more info.

Glaze at Home Items

A:   4147 Meadowbrook drive

Fort Worth, TX 76103

T:   682-560-3467



Tues :  9am - 5pm

Wed, Thu : 9am-6pm

Fri     : 9am-5pm

SATURDAY:   9am - 5pm



Proud to be 100% hand crafted in Fort Worth, Texas.

We are located on the East Side, in a historically recognized, former fire station, built in 1927.

Over 35 years of experience as a potter, ceramic artist and instructor.


We are now reopen for studio visitation and the Gallery is open for retail.

We are hoping to restart lesson scheduling as soon

as we can, depending on evolving City and State guidelines

related to such a hands on activity of teaching pottery.

I really don't want to start lessons all in masks and teaching from 8' away.

At that time priority will be given to those who had lessons cancelled pre lockdown.

This may lead to a longer than normal wait time for all new lessons

So we appreciate you patience

Glaze at Home

A fun crafty pottery project to do at home while our lessons are in lockdown



Tues : 10:00am to 5:00pm

Wed  :  10:00am to 5:00pm

Thu  :  10:00am to 5:00pm

Fri     :  10:00am to 5:00pm

SAT  :  10:00am to 2:00pm


A:   4147 Meadowbrook drive

Fort Worth, TX 76103

T:   682-560-3467


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