Pottery Lessons

Experience the hypnotizing power of the potters wheel in the intimate setting of our our laid back studio.

All ages welcome, ideal for beginners, date nights, private lessons, small family groups or a business bonding event.

Please Note

Limited availability remaining for November

No lessons in December, Lessons will resume early in new year


As well as instructing lessons,potters Keith and Courtney produce a wide range of functional stoneware pottery for use in the home.

We also customize pottery for your personal needs or business.


In the gallery adjoining the studio, you will find a selection of pottery made in The Firehouse studio as well as a small selection of other local crafters. While browsing the gallery for a gift or watching the potters at work, enjoy a finely crafted refreshment or breakfast taco from our onsite vendor COFFEE FOLK 

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Friend of The Firehouse

Turn, turn, my wheel! 
 Turn round and round
Without a pause, without a sound:
  So spins the flying world away!
This clay, well mixed with marl and sand,
Follows the motion of my hand;
Far some must follow, 
 and some command,
  Though all are made of clay!


 what does 'ceramic' mean 

Notices of special events, variance in hours, holidays and special events


adjective.made of clay and hardened by heat:
of or relating to the manufacture of such articles
noun (ceramics)
pots and other articles made from clay hardened by heat: handmade pottery and imaginative artworks
[ usu. treated as sing. ] the art of making such articles: sculpting, wheel thrown, molding.
(ceramic) the material from which such articles are made.
(ceramic) any nonmetallic solid that remains hard when heated.
(ceramist). one who makes ceramic products or works of art


Medical, CBD infused oils

Retail/educational outlet,

Store front, Race Street Fort Worth.

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