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Proud to be 100% hand crafted in Fort Worth,Texas.

Even with a design degree and over 36 years of ceramic experience it has taken almost 8 years to get to this point of developing this line of Firehouse Pottery and im not done. Theres always tweeks to be made mostly in the glazing formulation to get the perfect balance that I'm striving to achieve.

I would say the greatest influence that I have taken for my pottery is mid century modern and the philosophy that helped grow the very successful American made, Fiesta Ware.

With the always constant, low-cost imports carving out market share in the retail markets at the expense of domestic companies, Fiesta Ware has continued to succeed as one of the largest American made Potteries.

Craftsmanship, Quality, Utilitarian function and affordability.

I strive to maintain the same goals and provide a quality range of affordable pottery.

Stock is sometimes a little low due to time taken up with teaching lessons and lost time with closures, during Covid.

Thanks for your patience, contact me for custom orders if you don't see something your looking for.

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